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The Funniest Reasons People Call in Sick…

If you have ever stretched the truth so that you didn’t have to go into work, then you’re not alone…According to a Com Res survey for the BBC in 2019*, two in five adults would fake a sick day even if they weren’t actually feeling under the weather!Most people would...

How to Manage Stress at Work Effectively

Everyone reacts differently to stressful environments and in order to look after your mental wellbeing it’s essential to understand how you react to stress and what you can do to counteract it. How you handle your stress levels will have a direct impact on...

How To Keep Your Employees Happy

An unhappy workforce is an unproductive workforce, and staff members who are not content in their work are far more likely to jump ship. This leaves their former employers with the task of having to recruit and train a replacement.

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