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The F Word

The F word, yes, we’re talking about Furlough, or the Government’s Job Retention Scheme. This has been a lifeline for so many businesses allowing them to retain staff and avoid redundancies in these uncertain times. The good news is, your company sees your worth and they want you back!

Looking After Your Mental Health During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The world looks very different day by day surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, leaving a lot of uncertainty and concern for the future. Coupled with tight restrictions on what we’re able to do with our leisure time, it can be a struggle to not feel overwhelmed. Therefore, taking the correct steps to tackle mental health issues and prevent them from happening is critical, both for yourself and for other people.

The Funniest Reasons People Call in Sick…

If you have ever stretched the truth so that you didn’t have to go into work, then you’re not alone…According to a Com Res survey for the BBC in 2019*, two in five adults would fake a sick day even if they weren’t actually feeling under the weather!Most people would...

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