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Who are we?

StaffCo Professional is an elite team of recruiters who specialise in commercial recruitment.

We strive for success in sourcing the right candidates for the right roles, whilst delivering the full recruitment process. Not only are we extremely passionate and driven to work beyond expectations but being honest and reliable is something we pride ourselves on.

Whether you’re searching for your dream job, or the perfect candidate who will take your team to the next level, we’re here to service all of your recruitment requirements. 

Why Choose us?


We are dedicated to placing you in a position that not only has fantastic career development opportunities but that you are happy with. Throughout the job hunting process, we offer expert career guidance while supporting with CV writing, interview practice and your understanding of job roles and potential employers.

Working with a massively diverse range of employers across a huge selection of industries, all of which are different sizes, means that whatever your skillset or requirements we have the perfect position available for you. We also qualify you as a candidate before looking into opportunities. Ensuring that we are able to place you in a position that best suits your skill sets, personality and requirements.

It’s the relationships we have with our employers that makes us different. Having successfully placed candidates for the last 10 years, we have gained trust from our clients that if we are putting a candidate forwards, they are perfect for the role. This means that when we put you forward for a role you have an advantage over other applicants.


Our process is all about finding you the perfect person for your requirements while taking the stress of the recruitment process away from you. We want to save you time and unnecessary stress by only ever sending you the highest quality candidates.

Before we send candidates to you, we screen hundreds of CV’s and narrow these down to potential candidates whom we then invite for internal interviews. Once we have interviewed these potential candidates on your behalf, we skills test them to ensure that what they have said on their CV is accurate, ensuring that they are capable of exceeding in the role.

When you sign up with us we have a dedicated consultant come out to your business and learn more about you, your working practices and learn what sort of personalities fit in with your business. This means that when we come to placing staff within your infostructure we are able to match up candidates to roles more effectively and ensure that they are a perfect fit for your business.

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StaffCo Professional Team Members

Francesca Towalska

Francesca Towalska

Head of StaffCo Professional

Jade Heritage

Jade Heritage

Recruitment Consultant

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