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The Good Work Plan, published by the government, aims to strengthen the rights for workers within the UK by putting new laws in place, coming into effect on 6 April 2020.

The changes will be summed up as per the points below.

Written contracts

Currently, any employee who is going to be working for you for one month or more is entitled to receive a written statement of terms within two months of starting.

Come April 6, this will now be brought forward, meaning that the written statement of terms is to be received on or before the very first day of a worker’s employment.

Zero-hour contracts

Another key change looks into the right for workers who do not have stable and predictable hours. Zero-hour contracts will still be permitted; however, the plan will give employees and workers who do work variable hours, a right to request a more stable working pattern after they’ve been employed for 26 weeks.

Employment status

The government will clarify the definitions of ‘’employee’’, ‘’worker’’ and ‘’self-employed’’ to reduce confusion, helping businesses to categorise their staff correctly.

The Good Work Plan will also make it harder to break ‘’continuous service’’. The plan looks to amend the current way that ‘’continuous service’’ works so that if the employee comes back within four weeks of leaving the job, their continuous service will be protected. The old rules followed having to return within one week to not break their continued service.

Holiday pay

The government plans to start an awareness campaign to make sure that employees and staff both know and understand that holiday must be calculated on the basis of average pay.

Average pay for workers will now be calculated over a 52-week period – up until now, many employers were only making this calculation over a 12-week period. Currently, a worker may get a different rate of pay during the holiday they take dependant on how many hours they worked in the three months previous.

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