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Finding a new job is never an easy task – and having a complete change of heart about your career is not going to be any easier.

Perhaps your job no longer challenges you or you cannot progress any further, or maybe you’re struggling to concentrate and enjoy your role. There are many reasons why you may truly feel like you want a change.

Always make a conscious effort to fix the situation that you’re in first as this could just be a temporary frame of mind, or an issue that is only short-term. But, if you have tried this and you still feel passionate about taking the leap to switch career, there are certain steps that you need to take in order to make your dream a reality and to solidify that you’re making the right decision.   

Choose where you want to go next

Take into consideration your own strengths and weaknesses in general, alongside what you do and don’t like about your current role. Also think about how you want to work – do you want to work for someone else again, work for yourself, or even freelance?

Research your options, evaluating the points above, regarding what your potential new career involves – but make sure you don’t rush this process. Making a career change could be the most rewarding thing you ever do and could make a huge difference to your life if done with careful, thorough thinking.

Speak to someone

It’s always beneficial speaking to someone who already works, or has previously worked, in the role that you are hoping to get into. It will provide you with a broader, more honest and more in-depth insight into what the job is like.

It’s important to remember that every workplace will be different, and the responsibilities will vary dependant on the type and size of the business. However, the duties and methods should be similar for the same job role, and it will really help you gage what to expect.

It may be the case that there are elements of the job you didn’t realise were required, which might actually put you off going down that exact route, and you could therefore end up going down a slightly different path.

Evaluate what you can offer

Make a list of your top skills alongside any experience that you have gained professionally, then look at the job requirements for a role that at some point, is something that you would like to apply for.

Be realistic about whether your skill set matches what the employer is looking for, or if you have some work to do. If the latter is the case, perhaps you need to learn some new skills or gain some new knowledge!

Consider taking a course

There are lots of courses out there that are available both online and offline, if you need to brush up on your expertise or learn a new profession entirely.

Is it something that you could do part-time? Can you afford to go back to university full-time? Could you study alongside your job, or even go to night school? You will be sure to find something that suits you and your lifestyle.

Get yourself out there

One of the best ways to land a job, in any circumstance, is to demonstrate how passionate and driven you are to work in that field.

Change up your LinkedIn profile (if you don’t have LinkedIn, make this a priority!), to showcase your interest in this new direction – click here to read our blog post about what makes a winning LinkedIn profile.

We recommend using the platform to also contact professionals asking for help or advice, which could end up working in your favour – if professionals know that you are actively looking for a role, or can see that you have a real enthusiasm in their area of expertise, it might be the case that they let you know about a job offering, or can refer you to one of their contacts.

It could even be the case that you get yourself out there through volunteering, attending talks or job fairs, or by creating your own content etc. Even if it takes up a lot of your time or has little to no monetary gain, being active and showing passion for the area that you want to work in leaves a lasting impression on employers and is a great addition to your CV.

Final thoughts

As previously indicated, be mindful when deciding whether you really want to change career paths or not – maybe it’s not the right time, maybe it’s just the time to change your job! 

Either way, StaffCo Professional will help you find your next move – get in touch with us soon to discuss your options.

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