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Employer branding is a term that is being used more frequently, but what exactly is it?

Employer branding is positioning your business to attract talent and retain it, by offering additional benefits, a competitive salary and nurturing a great company culture.

Forming the impression that your company is a great place to work, is the best way to gain hard-working people, and following through on your offering will mean that you retain staff.

As the digital age continues to develop and the world becomes more interconnected, the implementation of employer branding becomes increasingly important in order to stand out and gain valuable talent. Candidates now expect to know more about a place of work further to just the job advertisement and/or the competitive salary it offers.

So, what are some of the best strategies that organisations can utilise?

Work-life balance

Where a recent report from Deloitte and mental health charity Mind stated that mental health issues cost UK businesses more than £43 billion in 2018, making sure that employees have a good work-life balance is key. It not only ensures excellent work performance and improved mentality, but it also guarantees high job satisfaction.

For example, employers could offer benefits such as flexible working hours, the ability to work from home, community engagement opportunities, encourage staff to take breaks, or employers could even provide a break-out room/space for staff to take some time away from their computer screen. Encouraging employees across the board to switch-off will help to dramatically reduce issues like stress, which could potentially lead to burnout and long-term sick leave if not dealt with.

A great way to truly find out how your employees would like to avoid problems like this, is to ask them specifically rather than just assume what’s best to implement.   

Offering a free gym membership

With many people living increasingly busy lives, finding the time to exercise or simply getting motivated to do so can be a big challenge.

Where it’s been reported that the UK health and fitness industry is healthier than it has ever been with more gym memberships than ever before*, recognising and acting upon this as an employer is a proactive step in the right direction.

Making it easy for employees to make good choices for their health, the perk of a free gym membership comes as a great addition to any business – further to benefitting lifestyles outside of work, the impacts from exercise will also be brought back into work, for example heightening productivity and employee morale, as well as encouraging better teamwork, just to name a few.   

Social events and team building

Arranging multiple social events and/or team building activities throughout the year is a fantastic way to improve social interaction and company culture – and advertising this in job posts is a great way to attract talent.

Interacting with colleagues in a different way to usual through fun activities not only makes the workplace more enjoyable, but it can also be incredibly helpful for building a strong business. Where social events typically allow for employee recognition, including this can, in-turn, motivate staff to continue striving for the organisation’s success, as well as imprinting on their colleagues to do the same. Staff also generally become refreshed and rejuvenated in response to social events or teambuilding tasks.

Opportunities for career progression

People naturally attain a strong desire to develop – and so offering or advertising opportunities for growth within a role is a great way to acquire hardworking individuals, or to encourage current valued employees to stay.  

Not only does promoting opportunities for career growth entice employees to be more engaged in their work, but it also shows that the business wants to invest in their talent so its staff can grow professionally. This makes the concept of working there more appealing in the long term and worth the time applying.   

Birthdays as an extra day of holiday 

Implementing an additional day of holiday on top of what is already contracted not only sends a great message to people externally, but it is also a wonderful way to show appreciation for your employees.  

To summarise

It’s no longer enough to just post job opportunities in the hopes that the right candidates will come along – instead, businesses need to prove their worth by implementing great employer branding and making this an ongoing priority.

By taking inspiration from the above steps and always remaining honest about what you offer, your business will be able to develop a more authentic employer brand, helping to both attract and retain the talent that you value and desire.


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