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Essentially the equivalent of an online resume, a professional yet attractive LinkedIn profile is crucial to anyone’s job hunt.

With over 600m* users, the popular online platform provides a space for people to showcase their personal brand, to expand their network or to attract the attention of potential employers and recruiters.

On a website filled with thousands of ambitious individuals, what can you do to stand out from the crowd? Below, we outline our top tips:

Choose a good profile picture

A picture can tell a thousand words – so make sure that yours will leave a good impression!

Choosing the right picture for your profile is key in making you stand out. Not only does uploading a photograph make you a more memorable candidate, but it can also lead to more profile views as a result**.

Where every workplace will have a different dress code, dressing smartly for your picture will leave a positive impression on the viewer, and can help them better gauge what you would be like in a professional environment.

Ensure that you use a high-resolution image with good lighting, make sure that your photo clearly shows your face, avoid any distracting backgrounds, and you are good to go.

A professional headline

A headline’s job in any medium, is to entice – and LinkedIn is no different.

Your LinkedIn headline should describe you in a keyword rich style, so that people want to find out more, but additionally, headlines can also be useful in helping you find more relevant contacts.

As a minimum, be sure to highlight your current position or what type of job you are looking for, where you studied, and where you are currently located.

Fill out your profile

As previously indicated, a LinkedIn profile is essentially the equivalent of an online resume – meaning that your profile will contain various components for you to document things such as your employment history, education and skills.

A key part of your profile is your summary – this is where you can really sell yourself. Expand upon what already appears in your headline, emphasising your strengths, career interests and experience, as well as other achievements.

For an even clearer representation of you, it’s especially important to remove any information that is no longer relevant in regards to previous employment or experience.

Get your skills endorsed

A great way to showcase your abilities to potential employers is through including a range of specific skills that are both relevant and valuable to your desired field of work.

Once you have added a skill, getting them endorsed by friends and/or previous/current colleagues is a great step to reinforce their validity. Not only does this contribute to the strength of your profile, but it is a simple way to get recognised for your expertise in a specific field. Make sure that you keep your skills focused to get better results; it looks much better to have 3 skills with over 10 endorsements than it is to have 30 skills with only a few.

Correct spelling and grammar

Using incorrect grammar or spelling within your profile can make you seem unprofessional, and in some cases, can hinder your job application or stop someone from reaching out to you.

To avoid simple errors like this, it can be useful to get someone else to check your profile over. A fresh set of eyes is always helpful, and they can often spot things that you may have missed out, or parts that could have been worded better.

Various websites and word checking tools are also available and easily accessible through the Internet, for example Grammarly. Make sure that your writing is as concise as possible.


Although listing your achievements and goals is critical for a great LinkedIn profile, it’s also just as important to actively show that you are interested in your career and personal development.

LinkedIn offers various sharing methods to gain more visibility and new connections – so be sure to use them.
Update your status with your recent work or something interesting that you’ve read for example, comment on content that is relevant to your industry, share and like articles or other people’s content, and even write a blog yourself.

To summarise

LinkedIn is an incredibly useful platform, if used correctly.

The platform enhances your career prospects and enables you to connect with a wide range of interesting, professional people, but remember that it all begins with a winning profile.



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