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On any given day during 2016/2017, some 1.3 million people were employed in temporary work placements via a recruitment agency – and the benefits of temporary recruitment speak for themselves.

Businesses are able to rationalise their recruitment process, reduce admin costs, and respond swiftly to changes in both demand and circumstances, whilst employees are provided with opportunities to work around other commitments, to find work at very short notice, or to get a ‘foot in the door’ of a career which might otherwise be inaccessible to them.

Looking at the benefits of temporary recruitment in more detail, some key advantages include the following:

For Employers

• Availability of a wide range of flexible workers at very short notice

• Ability to assess potential permanent employees in an ‘in work’ setting over the course of a temporary placement

• Cover during periods of fluctuating demand, e.g. during the run up to Christmas or occasions when a company has an unusually large order to fulfil

• Supply of temporary replacements for permanent employees who are absent for extended periods, e.g. maternity leave or long-term illnesses

• Reduced admin costs and the opportunity to outsource recruitment to Human Resources experts

• No need to place expensive job adverts

• Practical support from Human Resources experts during the recruitment process

For Workers
• Greater flexibility enabling employees to balance work and other commitments, e.g. academic study or childcare/the school run

• Opportunities to experiment with working in a variety of different sectors and roles before committing to a specific profession or career path

• Potential to build experience and develop interpersonal skills by working in a variety of different working environments with a broad spectrum of people

• Opportunities to build contacts and ‘network’ within the industry in which they aspire to develop a career

• Opportunities to impress employers during temporary placements, potentially leading to a permanent position

• Relief from financial pressures whilst looking for permanent work

Whether working with a small business which is keen to expand and move up to the next level, providing vital support for an existing workforce during crucial periods, or providing a much needed financial income or an exciting career opportunity for people just starting out, the UK recruitment industry has transformed the way in which the UK economy operates to the benefit of all.

So how can you tell if temporary recruitment is best for your business?

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