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Why use a recruitment agency? 

Recruiting new employees with the skills, talent, and attributes necessary to become part of your team can be a challenging and time-consuming process. Often, business managers will need to fit tasks such as creating job specifications, placing adverts on job boards and sifting through any number of CVs, around a demanding work schedule. And that’s before the interview process even begins.

For job seekers, in today’s highly competitive job market the process of finding work can be even more difficult. Misleading adverts, dishonest would-be employers, and even a lack of clarity about which roles are likely to be most suitable can lead towards making that dream job seem like an all too distant prospect.

Fortunately, engaging the services of a recruitment agency can substantially alleviate these issues for both parties.

Some of the benefits recruitment agencies can offer businesses looking to recruit new staff includes:

1. Recruitment Expertise and Experience

Like most areas of business, recruitment involves many specialist skills… and potential pitfalls that can easily be overlooked. For example, as HR departments are usually reluctant to give an overtly negative reference, being able to ‘read between the lines’ when reading references can often prove invaluable.

Additionally, a skilled recruitment professional should be able to identify talents in candidates which employers themselves might miss, as well as having a finely-tuned instinct for spotting the most suitable person, for a specific role, from a selection of applicants.

2. Optimised Time/Resource Management

As mentioned above, recruitment can be a painstaking process. Many of these tasks will have little or no relevance to your regular job. It makes sense, therefore, to delegate the workload to professionals who deal with similar issues daily and have the relevant skills and processes in place.

3. Industry-Specific Insight

If you are responsible for recruiting staff across your business, being able to draw on the knowledge and experience of someone who has a grounding in the industry or specialism can be invaluable. A specialised recruitment expert will be able to cut through the jargon to identify exactly what skills are needed and may even be able to produce a list of suitable candidates from an existing database.

4. Cost-Efficiency

By recruiting staff through an agency, employers can avoid the expense of placing adverts themselves, and will avoid potential drops in productivity due to existing team members being side-tracked from their usual responsibilities.

Even more importantly, using an agency can eliminate the risk of the cost of making a ‘bad hire’ which needs to be corrected at a later date. Finally, the lower costs offered by recruitment agencies can make otherwise highly expensive techniques such as psychometric testing economically viable.

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For job hunters, registering with an agency represents the opportunity to benefit from the following:

1. Expert Advice

An effective agency will be able to provide job seekers with assistance in areas such as CV writing, interview practice, and personality testing. This increases their chances of securing a role which meets their requirements and allows them to fulfil their potential. They should also benefit from advice regarding salary expectations, and what level of seniority they can expect to achieve.

2. Employer Confidence

Agencies spend years developing strong relationships with businesses which are able to offer rewarding and secure careers. This creates a foundation of trust between the agency and their partners, which in turn reflects on any potential employee they put forward.

3. Opportunity Awareness

If a job hunter is already in employment and wants to move up, is coming to the end of a short-term contact, or is still in full-time education – it is unlikely that they will have the time to seek out every suitable job which might be available to them. An agency can solve this issue, and can also monitor the job market for opportunities on behalf of their candidates on an ongoing basis.

4. Encouragement and Support

While finding a new job is an exciting process, it can become disheartening when too many opportunities fail to reach fruition. Applying through an agency means that job hunters can at least expect to receive constructive feedback following their interviews and draw support from the knowledge that someone is working tirelessly on their behalf to facilitate their next career move.

So why use a recruitment agency? 

In essence, the true purpose of a recruitment agency is to bring clarity to the overall process for the potential employer and the prospective employee alike.

Instead of stressing over that email inbox which is suddenly packed with what might feel like an insurmountable number applications, recruiters can efficiently and effectively identify exactly what it is they require from their new employee, and determine whether or not the applicants available to them will be able to deliver.

Applicants, can avoid the time-wasting and disheartening process of pursuing unsuitable jobs, and get on with making positive steps towards realising their full potential.

In either case, the advantages of involving a suitable recruitment professional in the process really do speak for themselves!

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